hyrule warriors

New Hyrule Warriors Gameplay Video Focuses on Princess Zelda 0

There have been a number of gameplay footages for the Legend of Zelda-themed crowd brawling game, Hyrule Warriors, floating around the net recently, but most of them focus on the series’ male protagonist Link. Now, a new gameplay video has surfaced featuring the franchise’s namesake, Princess Zelda. You can check out the video below:

Hyrule Warriors Release Window Announced 0

Back in December, Nintendo got everybody’s attention when they released a teaser video showing off a Dynasty Warriors-style game based on their Legend of Zelda franchise. Now, the game has been given a release window. According to a recent financial results briefing, the tentatively-titled Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou in Japan) is scheduled to arrive in(…)

Nintendo Gives Link the Dynasty Warriors Treatment 0

The recent Nintendo Direct presentation brought out a preview trailer for a game that will bring excitement to both Legend of Zelda fans and Dynasty Warriors aficionados, as it shows the former’s Link in a game that has the combat mechanics of the latter. If the video itself isn’t clear with the connection between the(…)