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Gamecube Resident Evil Remake to Get an HD Remaster 0

When it comes to multiplatforms, the Gamecube was at a disadvantage vs the Playstation 2, not because it had weaker hardware (the Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2 in certain areas and vice versa), but simply because Sony had a stronger third party backing. It ended up that devs made games for the PS2(…)

New Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Trailer Celebrates Valentines 0

A new trailer for Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD has been released, and this time Square Enix is being clever by trying to make the trailer timely for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. The trailer focuses on some of the pairings that you’ll find in the FFX series, and yes – including the really awkward(…)

New Batch of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Clips Released 0

Square Enix has just released a new batch of clips designed to promote Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, this a whole week after they previously posted a few character and environment clips online. This time, the clips go a little bit more in depth and shows off some fan favorites, including brief looks at Wakka,(…)