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Hans Zimmer Assembles All Star Crew for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 0

For most people, Hans Zimmer alone is enough in order to make the score for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 epic and worthy of the license. However, Hans Zimmer himself is not part of that group, as the veteran composer has recently assembled some sort of a musical supergroup in order to help him score the(…)

Hans Zimmer Might Not Return for Man of Steel Sequel 0

Hans Zimmer has always been considered as a shoe-in for Batman vs. Superman, having done the scores for the Nolan’s Batman trilogy and doing an equally impressive job on Man of Steel. However, the veteran composer is having doubts on whether he’ll be returning for the sequel, Batman Vs. Superman, due to the addition of(…)

Hanz Zimmer Chimes in on Ben Affleck-Batman Casting 0

Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming sequel to Man of Steel is easily one of the most talked-about issues these days, with a large part of the vocal public rejecting the idea that Bruce Wayne and his black-clad alter ego will be played by the View Askew veteran. However, a lot(…)

Hans of Steel: Zimmer to Score Superman Reboot

Hans of Steel: Zimmer to Score Superman Reboot 0

Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman movie franchise already has an impressive on-screen ensemble, but Warner Bros. has made it even better by getting Hans Zimmer to compose the score. Not only is Hans Zimmer one of Hollywood’s most prolific and admired composers, it is worth noting that he has also collaborated with Christopher Nolan(…)