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Next Dragon Quest Game in the Works, Says Creator 0

Fans of the Dragon Quest franchise who have been waiting for the next major update for the series should rejoice, as creator Yuji Horii has recently revealed that Square Enix is already in the process of “making the next” Dragon Quest game. The reveal came via Chiba’s Niconico Super Conference 3.

Dragon Quest, Tales, and Final Fantasy Producers Keen on a Crossover 0

With the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Tales series of JRPGs all content to stay within their own respective franchises (crossovers have occurred but they’re mostly intra-franchise like Dissidia) and being considered as competitors by default, it’s understandable that fans would assume that the producers themselves are all averse to working together on one massive(…)

See Dragon Quest VIII’s Mobile Port in Action 0

Square Enix is one of the veteran videogame companies that seem to know their way around the fast-rising mobile market, managing to gain a lot of traction with new IPs as well as ports of existing titles to iOS and Android. Their latest plan includes bringing Dragon Quest I to VIII to the two mobile(…)