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New Dark Souls II Trailer: Longing 0

With the PC release of Dark Souls looming (or should I say DOOMING!! BAM!), Bandai Namco Games has decided to unleash one more trailer just for the hell of it. Titled “Longing,” the clip weighs in at a full minute and has the same sense of foreboding that you would expect from the franchise. The(…)

New Video for Dark Souls II: Hollow Lullaby 0

The Dark Souls franchise is well known for being dark, depressing, and extremely damn hard, giving no quarter to players brave enough to try it – veteran or novice alike. It is therefore expected that its trailers will be gloomy and intimidating. However, FromSoftware’s most recent video, titled “Hollow Lullaby,” seems to be a little(…)

Dark Souls II Releases Live Action Teaser 0

Namco Bandai has recently released a little teaser for the upcoming sequel to Dark Souls, which is aptly titled Dark Souls II. The teaser seems to be different from the usual fare of in-game footages and CG cinematics, because this time it’s a live action treatment with a peek at things to come. You can(…)

New Dark Souls II Beta Footage 0

Dark Souls II prides itself on its backbreaking difficulty, and by extension its fans don’t really appreciate advanced information on boss battles, preferring the challenge that comes from complete surprise. However, those of us who just want to see all the pretty shiny things and are too much of wuss to ever play the game,(…)

Dark Souls II Beta Pushed Back 0

The beta for the insanely punishing game Dark Souls II was supposed to start on October 5, but due to unforeseen (and unspecified) circumstances, it was pushed a little further back to October 12, with a second round starting on October 27. If you’re in Europe, count yourself lucky because you can sign up for(…)

New Dark Souls II Teaser 0

The sequel to From Software’s groundbreaking Dark Souls has just released a new video teaser, titled “Forging a Hero.” As expected, it really is just a teaser. You won’t see any actual gameplay footage. It looks more like a teaser for a Hollywood film, featuring an armor-clad individual forging a blade of some sort. You(…)

New Dark Souls II Clip Shows Different Classes

New Dark Souls II Clip Shows Different Classes 0

Dark Souls (and its predecessor, Demon Souls) is known for being punishingly difficult, where even veteran gamers are forced to die several times on their first try, before rote memorization and familiarity starts to kick in. What it’s not known for is variety in classes. The game didn’t have any categorization of what your unnamed(…)

Namco Bandai Wants Your Shield Design for Dark Souls II

Namco Bandai Wants Your Shield Design for Dark Souls II 0

Namco Bandai has recently launched a design contest that will take advantage of the natural creativity possessed by Dark Souls players. This time around, instead of using your brain to come up with ingenious ways of murdering gigantic demons and monsters, you’ll be using those creative juices to come up with an original shield design,(…)

New Trailer for Dark Souls II

New Trailer for Dark Souls II 0

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming sequel to the balls-hard hack-and-slash dungeon crawler Dark Souls (which itself was a sequel to the equally balls-hard Demon Souls), with the trailer seemingly leaving out a lot in terms of raw gameplay footage, but providing enough glimpses to show people that there will be plenty(…)