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Sequel to Tomb Raider Reboot Already Under Development 0

Gamers who loved Crystal Dynamics’ recent reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise will be glad to know that Lara Croft’s next adventure is already well into development, according to Square Enix’s Phil Rogers. What’s even more exciting is the announcement that the game will have a tie-in comic from Dark Horse, which will be penned(…)

Conan O’Brien Visits E3

Conan O’Brien Visits E3 0

Comedian/TV Host Conan O’ Brien recently visited the Electronic Gaming Expo, in order to give his own take. Now, Conan is no stranger to the gaming industry, as he has a regular gaming related segment called Clueless Gamer, where he plays and rates games, despite knowing very little about games and reviewing. Right off the(…)

Conan on TBS November 8th (that’s two weeks!)

Conan on TBS November 8th (that’s two weeks!) 0

It’s been roughly 9 months since we’ve last seen Conan O’Brien in a regular TV role. That’s enough time for us to have had a baby. And, frankly, if we were having a baby with all of you at the same time, that truly would be a rough 9 months. As the Coco Curtain (yes,(…)