New Dark Souls II Trailer: Longing 0

With the PC release of Dark Souls looming (or should I say DOOMING!! BAM!), Bandai Namco Games has decided to unleash one more trailer just for the hell of it. Titled “Longing,” the clip weighs in at a full minute and has the same sense of foreboding that you would expect from the franchise. The(…)

New Clip for Captain America: The Winter Soldier 0

A brand-spanking new clip has just been released for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, no doubt a way to tease fans even further now that the release date is looming. Despite its short runtime, the clip provides plenty of action as it shows Captain America himself chasing after a mysterious villain – crashing through doors(…)

New Action-Heavy Clip from Thor: The Dark World 0

The past few trailers and video footages for Thor: The Dark World all managed to show the kind of large-scale destruction and epic fights that we can expect from the movie, but overall they were mere glimpses as the clips tend to focus more on key interactions between the characters. A new clip has been(…)

New Thor: The Dark World Clip 0

A new teaser clip for Thor: The Dark World has just been released, showing one of the more quiet moments in the film. Instead of showing off more action scenes and fists being driven straight into faces in a punchy manner, the clip shows Thor talking to his fallen brother Loki. The clip has Thor(…)

New Clip for The Wolverine 0

Disney’s Marvel and Warner Bros’s DC Comics have recently dominated the news circuit with new footages and announcements about their flagship franchises, which somehow overshadowed the comic book franchises from Fox’s side of the fence. So it’s up to HBO to shine a little bit of spotlight on Hugh Jackman and James Mangold’s The Wolverine,(…)

Megan Fox in a Bikini: This is 40 Clip

Megan Fox in a Bikini: This is 40 Clip 0

A new clip from Judd Apatow’s This is 40 has been released. It’s supposed to be a spin-off from Knocked Up, but I don’t think you care about that now after reading the headline. You don’t even care about what the clip is all about. Sure, it features Paul rudd and Robert Smigel, but you(…)

New The Dark Knight Rises Clip

New The Dark Knight Rises Clip 0

It seems that The Dark Knight Rises’ marketing team has no plans of stopping or slowing down right up to the movie’s release, as they have just released another clip for the final installment in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, this time featuring Lucius Fox revealing “The Bat” to Bruce Wayne.