Kate Mara Discusses Fantastic Four Movie Reboot 0

The Fantastic Four movie reboot from Fox is already done with its casting, with the role of Sue Storm going to Kate Mara. During a recent interview with IGN, the actress revealed that she doesn’t know much about the film yet, just enough to say that it’s a very different take, one that people may(…)

Michael B. Jordan Addresses Star Wars and Fantastic Four Casting Rumors 0

Aside from having the same name as one of the greatest Basketball players to ever grace the courts, actor Michael Jordan is also starting to get noticed because his name seems to pop up in a lot of Geek-oriented franchises lately, such as Star Wars episode VII and Fantastic Four. There’s no role being cited(…)

Max Landis Interested in a Wonder Woman Movie for Warner Bros. 0

Even though Max Landis is already out of the Chronicle sequel, he seems to be interested in another superhero project, and this time he’s planning to pitch a Wonder Woman movie to Warner Bros. The reveal came about while Landis was answering fan questions on Reddit, and when asked on which superhero he would like(…)

Max Landis Discusses Chronicle Sequel

Max Landis Discusses Chronicle Sequel 0

The sequel to sleeper hit Chronicle has been in development limbo for a while now, as director Josh Trank has moved on to other projects while John Landis has admitted that the studio isn’t satisfied with his son Max’s script. Max Landis has recently broken the silence and talked to IGN about the status of(…)

John Landis Reveals Fox’s Misgivings About Max’s Chronicle 2 Script

John Landis Reveals Fox’s Misgivings About Max’s Chronicle 2 Script 0

John Landis, who is the father of Chronicle scribe Max, has recently revealed that Fox isn’t too keen on the draft his son submitted for the sci-fi movie’s sequel, tentatively titled Chronicle 2. The original film that Landis Jr. penned was well-received by critics and was a commercial success despite not being based on an(…)

Chronicle Sequel on the Way

Chronicle Sequel on the Way 0

Chronicle performed well at the box office and was praised by critics. Add the fact that it was made on a budget, and it should be no surprise that the execs over at Fox are raring to give it another go ASAP. According to a recent Deadline report, the process is already up and running,(…)