Captain America

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Will Have No Marvel One-Shot 0

Marvel’s MO for home video releases is to include a One-Shot in the discs, which is basically a short film based on one of their franchises (not necessarily the same franchise as the disc it is being hosted on, such as the Iron Man short All Hail the King being included in a Thor home(…)

Agent Carter TV Series Will Only Have 8 Episodes 0

Hayley Atwell has recently confirmed that the Captain America spin-off series, Agent Carter, will be a short one – only consisting of 8 episodes, with ABC planning to use the series as a bridge during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s winter hiatus.

Synopsis for Agent Carter Series Released 0

Now that ABC has already greenlighted a new TV series based on Marvel’s Agent Carter, the official synopsis has been released online, giving everyone a glimpse of what they can expect from the show story-wise. As previously announced, the series will follow Peggy Carter after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, with the(…)

Captain America 3 Could Feature Psychotic 1950s Cap 0

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier only a few weeks away from debuting on the big screens, people are now looking forward to the third installment in the franchise. The third installment is still untitled and referred to as Captain America 3 at this point, but it also looks like the people behind the franchise(…)

The Russo Brothers Will Return for Captain America 3 0

Brothers Joe and Anthony Russo have recently added to the glut of news related to Marvel’s Captain America films when they confirmed that they will come back to direct the third Captain America film:

Chris Evans Clarifies Marvel Future 0

Chris Evans recently generated a lot of online buzz after suggesting that he might take a break from acting in favor of directing once his contract with Marvel ends. The statement led to a lot of rumors that the actor is considering bailing out on the rest of his Marvel contract. Evans has since taken(…)

New Clip for Captain America: The Winter Soldier 0

A brand-spanking new clip has just been released for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, no doubt a way to tease fans even further now that the release date is looming. Despite its short runtime, the clip provides plenty of action as it shows Captain America himself chasing after a mysterious villain – crashing through doors(…)

Chris Evans to Take a Break From Acting After Marvel Gig 0

Chris Evans is currently doing well with Marvel, representing one of the company’s most important and iconic characters, Captain America, in their movies. However, it seems like the actor would like to try something new once his six-film Marvel contract expires. According to a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Chris Evans will be going on(…)

Character Poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Falcon Released 0

After a series of character posters three of the main characters from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel has posted a new one, this time depicting a new character on the good side: Anthony Mackie’s winged hero, Falcon. Fans of the Falcon will see that the movie version’s costume isn’t exactly as colorful as the(…)

Joe Russo Discusses Captain America’s New Costume 0

One of the key things fans noticed with the recent trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is that Cap seems to be wearing a different costume, this time sporting a suit that still has the stars and stripes, but has a decidedly darker color scheme when compared to the red, white, and blue themed(…)