Gamecube Resident Evil Remake to Get an HD Remaster 0

When it comes to multiplatforms, the Gamecube was at a disadvantage vs the Playstation 2, not because it had weaker hardware (the Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2 in certain areas and vice versa), but simply because Sony had a stronger third party backing. It ended up that devs made games for the PS2(…)

New E3 Trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 0

Western owners of the Nintendo 3DS have a long wait ahead of them if they want to play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, as Capcom’s iconic monster-hunting game won’t be released in the West until early 2015. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dull the pain of the long wait with a few multimedia goodies,(…)

Ultra Street Fighter IV Character Balance Clips 0

One of the key aspects to a fighting game it wants to be taken seriously on a tournament level is character balance. Capcom is aware of this fact, which is why they have released a bunch of preview clips outlining the character balance changes in the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV. The latest batch covers(…)

Capcom Announces Ultra Street Fighter IV Release Dates 0

Capcom has recently announced the North American release dates for both the console and PC versions of Ultra Street Fighter IV. The game can be purchased either as a Digital Upgrade, or a Full Retail or Digital Bundle. The prices and release dates are as follows:

Nintendo 3DS eShop Launches Mega May Event 0

Capcom and Nintendo have recently joined forces in order to launch a new 3DS eShop event dubbed “Mega May,” which has the whole month of May spent celebrating Capcom’s Mega Man franchise. Every Thursday, a new Mega Man game will be joining the 3DS Virtual Console lineup, starting with Game Boy Color’s Mega Man Xtreme.

New Ultra Street Fighter IV Trailer Features Rolento 0

Capcom has posted a new trailer for their upcoming release, Ultra Street Fighter IV. This time around, it focuses on one of the new contenders, Rolento. The character is known for first appearing as a boss in the 2D sidescrolling Beat ‘Em Up Final Fight, before making his way to the Street Fighter series via(…)

New Monster Hunter 4 Commercial Features the Three Little Pigs 0

A new Japanese commercial for Monster Hunter 4 has just been released, and it looks like it’s not your average Monster Hunter promo video, as it features The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. What does it have to do with the Monster Hunter franchise? Well, it turns out The 3 Little Porcepines(…)

Ultra Street Fighter IV to Feature Different Versions of Fighters from SFIV 0

In a move that will certainly raise eyebrows among the competitive Street Fighter community, Capcom has recently announced that the new Edition Select mode in Ultra Street Fighter IV will not only allow you to select your favorite world warrior, but will also allow you to choose your favorite version of said character from the(…)

New Ultra Street Fighter IV Trailer Released, Featuring Hugo 0

A new video has just been released for Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter IV, this time focused on former Final Fight generic baddie Hugo, who’s been added to the playable roster of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike before making his grand current-gen 3D debut on Street Fighter X Tekken. The trailer shows off a bunch of(…)

New Video for Dark Souls II: Hollow Lullaby 0

The Dark Souls franchise is well known for being dark, depressing, and extremely damn hard, giving no quarter to players brave enough to try it – veteran or novice alike. It is therefore expected that its trailers will be gloomy and intimidating. However, FromSoftware’s most recent video, titled “Hollow Lullaby,” seems to be a little(…)