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Japanese Bravely Default Demo Comes With First 4 Chapters for Free 0

Japanese 3DS owners once again get another advantage over us poor Western owners of the region-locked handheld, as the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop is getting a new demo for Bravely Default, which will come with the first four chapters free of charge. That means Japanese 3DS owners who have yet to play the game can(…)

Looking for a Job? Check Out This New Bravely Default Trailer 0

If you’re wondering where all the jobs have gone to lately, look no further: this new trailer from the upcoming Nintendo 3DS RPG, Bravely Default, has them in spades. It practically says it right there on the title: Bravely Default – JOBS -. All kidding aside, most non-American 3DS owners who care probably know it(…)

New Jump Festa Trailer for Bravely Second 0

Square Enix has recently released a brand new trailer for the upcoming 3DS RPG sequel Bravely Second at the recent Jump Festa, featuring a very familiar shot of magic university town Istantarl, as well as the new character Magnolia Arch. You can check out the trailer below: