Michael Keaton Explains Why He Turned Down Batman Forever 0

After all the dust kicked up by Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman has settled, it is now time to turn our attention to someone else with experience playing the dark knight: Michael Keaton. Like Affleck, Keaton wasn’t exactly met with favorable response when news of his casting was first announced. He’s not exactly an action(…)

Frank Miller Hates Batman Films Based on His Batman 0

Whether you like it or not, Frank Miller’s version of Batman in The Dark Knight Returns has been such a defining point in comic book history that any serious portrayal of the World’s Greatest Detective in modern film and TV will have to suffer the comparison. Fortunately, it is an easy comparison to make because(…)

Ben Affleck to Redefine the Batman 0

In a recent interview with Playboy Magazine, Ben Affleck decided to comment on his controversial casting as the caped crusader in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Affleck remains confident about the casting, but he made a note of explaining that he will not attempt to compete with Christian Bale’s previous portrayal of the(…)

Christian Bale Offers Ben Affleck Advice on Playing Batman 0

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Christian Bale mentioned that he has already talked to Ben Affleck regarding the latter’s upcoming role as the caped crusader, and Bale expressed his support for the actor-filmmaker: “I wish him all the best,” said Bale. “He’s a very experienced actor and filmmaker and he’ll make it his(…)

Kevin Smith Approves of Ben Affleck’s Batman Costume 0

As director Kevin Smith himself admits, he’s not exactly the most impartial representative when discussing Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman, being a long-time friend of the actor. However, Smith is also a very, very, obsessive fan of Batman (as anyone who’s seen his movies can attest to) and has confirmed that he has seen –(…)

Nightwing and Wonderwoman Rumored to Appear in Batman vs. Superman 0

It seems like Zack Snyder’s upcoming sequel to Man of Steel is a natural magnet for rumors and speculation, and the latest one making the rounds concerns the appearance of Nightwing and Wonder Woman, which is unsurprising considering how much fans want this to act as a lead up to the planned Justice League movie.(…)

Batffleck’s Costume Will Be Based on Batman: Noel? 0

There are a couple of new rumors floating around regarding Zack Snyder’s upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, which will feature Batman going up against Superman. It seems that people have already pretty much stopped resisting the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, and while that discussion has already died down, it’s been replaced with(…)

Batman: Arkham Origins Introduces New Villain 0

Batman: Arkham Origins may have existing villains like Deathstroke the Terminator as selling points, but it’s also notable for featuring Bruce Wayne in his early stints as the caped crusader, which means lack of experience and the presence of villains that we’ve never seen before. This past weekend at the New York Comic-Con, a trailer(…)

Hans Zimmer Might Not Return for Man of Steel Sequel 0

Hans Zimmer has always been considered as a shoe-in for Batman vs. Superman, having done the scores for the Nolan’s Batman trilogy and doing an equally impressive job on Man of Steel. However, the veteran composer is having doubts on whether he’ll be returning for the sequel, Batman Vs. Superman, due to the addition of(…)

Batman is Not an Interesting Character, Says Quentin Tarantino 0

Various industry veterans have already given their two cents over the controversial casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, and the latest one to provide his opinion (or lack thereof) is Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino admits that he’s not too keen on the project. However, it’s not because of Affleck, but(…)