Alex Winter

Alex Winter Talks About Bill & Ted 3 0

Bill and Ted 3 is one of those projects that seemed like a good idea to its fans, but failed to materialize as fast as one would expect/want. It didn’t encounter the same kind of trouble as Ghostbusters 3, mind you, but it the lack of updates on its status makes it understandable if people(…)

Bill & Ted 3 Signs Galaxy Quest Director

Bill & Ted 3 Signs Galaxy Quest Director 0

Unlike Ghostbusters 3, Bill & Ted 3 seems to be moving towards realization in a more direct, positive way. Aside from all the principal actors giving the thumbs up for the revisit, it has also hired a new director, and it’s someone whose past oeuvre may stylistically fit in with what we expect of a(…)

Bill & Ted 3 Script is Complete

Bill & Ted 3 Script is Complete 0

The script for Bill & Ted 3 is complete, according to a recent report by The Independent. Keanu Reeves, who played Ted in the first two movies, confirms that they are just waiting for a greenlight. Reeves also states that the script is “more than up to scratch.”