Final Fantasy Agito Coming to Smartphones in May 0

Square Enix’s free to play game Final Fantasy Agito, which is based on the Japanese exclusive PSP game Final Fantasy Type 0, will be making its way to the iOS and Android platform this coming May. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a Japanese-only release for the time being. Users who pre-register will receive everyday street(…)

Square Enix Wants to Bring Type-0 to the West, Agito to be Localized 0

While Final Fantasy Agito has been promised a localization by its producer Hajime Tabata, most people are still taking it with a grain of salt as the decision still depends on the higher-ups (who have always been wishy-washy when it comes to giving the fans what they want), but a recent filing for a trademark(…)

Square Enix Announces New Free To Play Final Fantasy Game for Smartphones 0

In a recent issue of Famitsu magazine, Square Enix announced their plans to release an original fantasy RPG called Final Fantasy Agito, which will be free to play on iOS and Android devices. The game will feature both singleplayer and multiplayer elements, and will be set in the same world as Final Fantasy Type-0 (the(…)