Zack Snyder Discusses Man of Steel Themes

Zack Snyder Discusses Man of Steel Themes 0


We’re mere weeks away from the opening of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and we can imagine that the director is already past the adrenaline rush brought on by the promotional and marketing phase. Now that he’s a little bit more relaxed, he was able to spend a little bit of his time talking with SFX about the theme of the movie.

“Someone said to me it’s the greatest adoption story in all of history,” explains Snyder. “I think that’s an interesting way of looking at it – maybe because I was just in the process personally of adopting my two children.”

“The people of Earth adopt him and he adopts us, as well. A lot of the messaging in this film is about family, and who makes you who you are. Clark is on this journey of self discovery, trying to figure out who he is and where he fits in.”

“In the end he comes to see what Jor-El, his Kryptonian father, has sacrificed and given for him. And he also realizes how his Earth parents made him who he is. All those themes and notions follow him throughout the whole film.”

Via: SFX

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