X-Force Movie Planned By Fox 0


There are rumors currently going around that Fox is considering an expansion of their X-Men movie universe, via a new project based on the X-Force comic books. For those not in the know, the X-Force was a team of mutants that had backing from the government. The series is notable for being edgier than X-Men, and introduced a whole slew of more contemporary mutants who eventually grew into fans and became popular on their own, such as Cable and Deadpool.

This may be a rumor for now, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox has already commissioned Kick-Ass 2 writer-director Jeff Wadlow for the writing duties on the X-Force movie project. With names being mentioned, it starts to cross the line that separates rumor into unconfirmed news. Hopefully, Fox’s 90 minute panel at Comic-Con will clarify the rumor as just that or confirm the X-Force project’s existence.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter