Writers for Thor 3 Announced 0


Considering how popular Thor: The Dark World turned out to be, it’s not surprising that the Marvel has already started preparations for the 3rd installment in the franchise. As part of said preparations, the studio has already tapped two scribes to work their magic on the screenplay.

According to a Variety report, Craig Kyle has been hired to write the screenplay for Thor 3, and he will be sharing writing duties with Christopher Yost, who did a script polish on Thor: The Dark World.

There are no plot details announced for Thor 3 yet, but Craig Kyle has already provided hints in previous interviews, namely that it may include an appearance by Thor’s cyborg clone, Ragnorak. It is advised to take the hint with a grain of salt, but considering the robot-oriented plot of Age of Ultron, a cyborg enemy isn’t too farfetched.

Source: Variety.com