World War Z Sequel Greenlit

World War Z Sequel Greenlit 0


With World War Z’s strong opening (which managed a $111.8 million worldwide box office cume), it’s not surprising that Paramount has been planning the sequel even though the film is still showing in theaters. The film’s domestic opening, which accumulated $66 million, was considered by Paramount to be sequel worthy, in any case.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s interview with Paramount Chairman Rob Moore, the studio is actively developing a follow up to the film, with lead star Brad Pitt showing a keen interest to return to the project that he starred in, as well as produced. Although there’s no word yet on whether Pitt will be producing the second one (and keep in mind that nothing is set in stone yet, and Pitt may even bow out of the project if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent him from reprising the role).

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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