New The Wolverine Poster Features Jean Grey 0


A new poster has just been released for Hugh Jackman’s latest adventure as the Wolverine, and it features former love interest Jean Grey. The character’s appearance in the movie poster seems to point to a heavier influence in the movie, instead of just being a brief cameo, which is very interesting due to the time in which the movie is set.

The Wolverine is set after the events of the third X-Men film, with Logan running away from his past and trying to build a new life in Japan. What makes Jean Grey’s appearance worth noting is that she died by the end of The Last Stand, at the hands (or claws) of Logan, at that. So her appearance in the film would either be in the form of a flashback or something even more substantial. A rebirth, perhaps?

Directed by James Mangold and co-starring Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee and Rila Fukushima, The Wolverine will open in the UK on 26 July 2013.

Via: Collider