Whedon Discusses Female Superheroes

Whedon Discusses Female Superheroes 0

female superheroes

Joss Whedon enjoys a reputation for being the go-to guy for female heroines, what with his most famous works always featuring at least one woman who kicks butt better than the men. The recent announcement that Scarlet Witch will be part of the new characters in The Avengers 2 makes it very timely for Whedon to talk about the general lack of female superheroes on the big screen:

“Toymakers will tell you they won’t sell enough,” says Whedon, “and movie people will point to the two terrible superheroine movies that were made and say, ‘You see? It can’t be done.’ It’s stupid, and I’m hoping The Hunger Games will lead to a paradigm shift.”

“It’s frustrating to me that I don’t see anybody developing one of these movies. It actually pisses me off. My daughter watched The Avengers and was like, ‘My favourite characters were the Black Widow and Maria Hill,’ and I thought, ‘Yeah, of course they were.'”

Via: The Daily Beast

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