Webb Originally Thought Spider-Man Reboot Was a Stupid Idea 0

amazing spiderman webb

During the recent SXSW, The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb got busy talking about his project, and even went as far as to admit that his initial reaction to the idea of rebooting the franchise was similar to many fans’ – that it was not a smart idea.

“It was the stupidest idea I had ever heard,” says Webb. “Amy Pascal brought it up to me and I thought it was crazy. Those movies, which are really sacred to people, weren’t that old.”

“They gave me a script I didn’t like, but Amy said, ‘You can’t turn down Spider-Man.’ And she was right. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Webb also talked about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, mainly addressing concerns that the sequel will be bogged down by having too many villains. One of the key information he provided is that Rhino’s appearance will be very brief:

“The main villain is Electro,” says Webb. “Every other villain emerges around that. We were careful to make sure the stories entertained. You had to make sure to create obstacles that were difficult to overcome.”

“We wanted to make the physical and emotional obstacles difficult. Rhino is in it for four minutes… when you see the movie, I’m confident.”

Source: ThePlaylist.com