Wasp Could Have Appeared in the Avengers Movie 0


If you don’t remember Wasp ever being in the Avengers movie, it’s because she wasn’t in it. But if you have vague memories of the character having a scene in it, you’re probably one of the people who were privy to the film’s original script, which was supposed to include Wasp as one of the characters. She was eventually removed from it, but a new story board animatic that’s been released online shows just how close she was to being part of the blockbuster. You can view the footage below:


Whedon has admitted in the past that he wanted to get Wasp in the film, primarily because the character was a founding member of the superhero team in the comic books. Now that he’s working on Avengers 2, there’s the option of sneaking in the character but whether he still wants to or not is unknown to us fans.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter