Warner Bros Considering The Shining Prequel 0

Warner Bros Considering The Shining Prequel

Hollywood is currently addicted to reboots, remakes, and prequels of old movies, and even revered classics with a rabid fan following are not safe, which is further proven by Warner Bros revealing that they are currently mulling over a possible prequel to Stanley Kubrick’s critically acclaimed adaptation of Stephen King’s book, The Shining.

Since King nver actually wrote a prequel to his book, it’s safe to say that the prequel will be entirely new material and possibly an exploration of the bloody history behind the Overlook Hotel.

The original The Shining film was released in 1980, and starred Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, a disturbed writer who moves into the Overlook Hotel with his family over the winter.

A Warner Bros spokesperson stated that the concept is in “a very early stage and not even formally in development,” so nothing is set in stone yet and the whole project could still fall apart or enter development limbo even before the script gets written.

Via: LATimes.com