Warner Bros Hires Writer for Justice League Movie 0

Warner Bros Hires Writer for Justice League Movie
After the success of Marvel’s Avengers at the Box Office, it’s not surprising that Warner Bros is starting to rally their own roster of superheroes for a Justice League film. The fact that The Dark Knight Rises is the final film in Nolan’s Batman franchise and Green Lantern has government agent Amanda Waller means that they can finally take steps to unify their DC heroes into one film universe.

A recent Variety report confirms that Gangster Squad writer Will Beall has been hired to get things moving on the potential JL movie, with the project initially encountering problems back in 2008 due to the writers’ strike.

It’s a given that the Justice League movie would see Batman and Superman sharing the screen, as those two are currently the most iconic members of the team. Wonder Woman is the third of the so-called big 3, but the character has not seen any success on the big screen so far. Green Lantern is also very likely member due to his recent film succeeding in building presence for the character. Last but not the least, The Flash is also popular enough to deserve a spot in the movie.

Via: Variety