Warner Bros. Considering a Gremlins Reboot

Warner Bros. Considering a Gremlins Reboot 0

Warner Bros. Considering a Gremlins Reboot

A recent Vulture report reveals that the fine folks at Warner Bros. are mulling over plans to reboot the Gremlins movie franchise, and are already in talks with Steven Spielberg’s production outfit, Amblin Entertainment.

The possibility of a Gremlins reboot has been tackled a several times over the past decade, but it’s been rumored that Spielberg’s asking price has always been too high for any deal to push through.

Now that Warner Bros. is looking into the possibility, it could mean that Spielberg has already lowered the asking price or that Warner is now willing to invest heavily in the reboot. Considering Warner’s deep pockets and recent string of lucrative projects in both film and TV, it’s not farfetched. The recent reissue of the original film certainly shows how serious they are about breathing new life into the franchise.

The visual effects for the original has always been good enough to stand the test of time, but one has to wonder how it’ll look like with modern, CG-dependent techniques? Also, would Hulk Hogan return for a cameo or will we get a newer star like The Rock of John Cena popping up in the middle of the movie?

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