First Look at The Walking Dead TV Series’ Michonne

First Look at The Walking Dead TV Series’ Michonne 0

Ever since the cloaked figure with a katana and two chained armless zombies made its appearance in the final episode of The Walking Dead’s 2nd season, fans have been excited and waiting for a first look at the woman under the hood. has recently released an image from the show that features Michonne, played by actress Danai Gurira, minus the hood:

First Look at The Walking Dead TV Series’ Michonne

In the comics, Michonne proved to be one of the strongest and most valuable ally of Rick Grimes and his group of survivors, due to the woman being handy with weapon as well as possessing enough will and conviction to get through hardships that would have broken men who are twice her size.

According to creator and exec producer Robert Kirkman, Michonne’s personality, motives, and most of the things that make Michonne Michonne will be faithful to the comics, but “like a lot of things on the show, there will be little tweaks and differences here and there. We saw that her introduction is slightly different from how it was in the comic, and her interaction with Andrea is really going to be a really cool addition to the character that I think will get television viewers up to speed, and they’ll get to know her a lot faster than comic book readers did.”


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