New Viral Videos From The Amazing Spider-Man

New Viral Videos From The Amazing Spider-Man 0

New Viral Videos From The Amazing Spider-Man

Taking its cue from Prometheus, Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man has just released a couple of new viral videos that provide a little bit more info on the man who will eventually turn into the Lizard, Dr. Curt Connors (played by Rhys Ifans).

The first of the viral videos is a corporate recruitment video for Oscorp’s intern scheme, with Connors himself providing exposition and detailing the company’s interest in the study of reptiles (herpetology). Connors explains that he is keen on harnessing the reptile’s “knack for survival”, as well as its ability to cope with the loss of a limb, both points eventually becoming important to the character as the movie progresses.

The second video shows the doctor meeting a new batch of interns, interspersed with a few behind the scenes materials, in which Ifans explains the motivation behind his character.

The Amazing Spider-Man will open in the UK on 4 July 2012.


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