Vin Diesel Hints at Role for Guardians of the Galaxy 0


A few weeks ago, Vin Diesel revealed that he’s been in a meeting with Marvel, with the main agenda being a role in one of the studio’s upcoming movies. Given Vin Diesel’s physique, many fans assumed that the action star was gunning for a role as the android Vision or as the voice of Thanos. However, a recent image that the actor posted in his facebook hints that it may be neither.

Diesel has since removed the image from his Facebook page (after derision and criticism from many users over the presumed role), but he originally posted a picture of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot. If it were true, we’d have to agree with the majority because Groot is a giant talking tree that will probably require CG instead of Vin (since Groot isn’t shaped like a human). Additionally, Diesel’s voice is also going to be wasted as Groot in the comics can only communicate by shouting his own name.