Vin Diesel Discusses Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot 0


Action star Vin Diesel has pussy-footed around the subject of his negotiations with Marvel over a role in one of the movies. There’s actually been no confirmation, but frequent teasers have pointed towards a role in Guardians of the Galaxy, and several more have pointed to voicing the character Groot.

Not that we blame the actor, we’d be excited at the thought of playing a Marvel character, and would have wanted to talk about it as well while being prevented from disclosing full details. However, Vin Diesel has recently broken his silence, and while he didn’t confirm his casting, he has admitted that negotiations for the role are already ongoing:

“I guess after watching the Iron Giant, [Marvel] had the idea of taking the strangest Marvel character we know and thought what I could do with that with motion capture and the voice,” he says.

“It is something that’s interesting and it’s a really great idea on behalf of Marvel, and now it’s up to my reps to allow that to happen.”

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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