New Villain for Iron Man 3 1

New Villain for Iron Man 3

A recent Variety report reveals an additional villain to Iron Man 3’s growing roster of characters. This time it is Jack Taggert, otherwise known as Firepower. The role will be played by Sunset Beach star Ashley Hamilton.

In the comic books, Jack Taggert is the pilot of an experimental new bodysuit from the programme Project: Firepower, which uses Stark tech. Taggert didn’t waste too much time before deciding to use the bodysuit against its creator, Tony Stark himself.

What’s worth noting about the announcement of a new villain is the fact that Ashley Hamilton will join James Badge Dale (rumored to play Coldblood) and Ben Kingsley as Iron Man 3’s trifecta of big bads. The last comic book film to feature 3 villains at the same time was Spider-Man 3, which suffered from being spread out too thin over 3 antagonists, not having enough time to flesh out any of them. Let’s hope that Iron Man 3 finds a way to get around this problem, if it will really have 3 big bads.

Iron Man 3 will open in the UK on 3 May 2013