The Next Van Helsing Will Be a Complete Reboot 0

The Next Van Helsing Will Be a Complete Reboot

It seems that Hollywood is all about reboots these days, with reboots coming out one after the other, with the latest being the hard action take on Dracula’s mortal enemyVan Helsing, which Hugh Jackman portrayed last 2004.

In the case of Van Helsing, a reboot may be necessary, as the original was heavily criticized by viewers and critics alike. The reboot, which will star Tom Cruise as the legendary vampire slayer, will be a “total do-over” of the franchise, according to co-scriptwrtier Kurtzman:

“I don’t want to give away too much” he says, “because we are actually at the very beginning of talking about what to do with it. But I do feel like the Van Helsing that Anthony Hopkins plays in [Bram Stoker’s] Dracula is sort of the parody version of it, and the Van Helsing that Hugh Jackman played was obviously in a different place as well. I think that these kinds of movies have evolved a lot since then.”

“The Dark Knight was a major, major corner-turning moment in the way that genre and superhero stories could be told,” he continues. “Really grounded in reality. Really grounded in really cool things. That’s what I’d like to do without sacrificing the fantasy element. We aspired to do that as well on Star Trek, and we’d love to do that with Van Helsing.”