Vampires Out, Zombies In: Warm Bodies 0

Vampires Out, Zombies In: Warm Bodies

Now that the whole romance-with-pale-pretty-vampire-boys thing is dying down due to the wrapping up of the Twilight movie saga (and the disillusion caused by Pattinson and Stewart’s cheating-flavored real life break-up), Hollywood is getting ready to ride the coat tails of another supernatural romance movie featuring a pale pretty boy and a damsel in distress – only this time, said pale pretty boy is a zombie.

Warm Bodies’ somewhat ridiculous premise involves R, who is a zombie who finds himself beginning to feel alive again after falling in love with Julie, the girlfriend of one of his victims/food. As it turns out, R has taken on the feelings of said boyfriend after eating him, and now wants to impress Julie by turning back on his zombieish ways.

Based on the trailer, the movie actually seems like a better movie than the Twilight series, as it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Focusing more on the comedic aspects than the romance.