Upcoming Terminator Movie’s Script is Currently Being Written. 0

Upcoming Terminator Movie's Script is Currently Being Written.

The upcoming refresh of the Terminator franchise is moving every closer to completion as the project now has a couple of screenwriters penning a new script, with Skydance Pictures hiring Laeta Kalodgris and Patrick Lussier for the movie. The details of the script they are poring over is currently kept confidential by the studio, though. We’re going to bet that it involves robots.

Other development news about the newest Terminator movie include the hiring of David Ellison in order to co-produce alongside his sister Megan, and the confirmation by the latter that the film will be R-Rated. Which could mean lots of violence, swearing, and sex. With robots.

There’s no word yet on whether the Governator will be involved in any capacity. We’d probably get more details about the leading man first as more details are released about the project.

Via: Deadline.com