Universal Prepping Bourne Legacy Sequel 0


According to Deadline.com, Universal is now moving forward with their planned sequel to The Bourne Legacy, starting with the hiring of Invictus scribe Anthony Peckham as screenwriter. It has been said that the sequel will bring back Jeremy Renner’s character Aaron Cross, even though the studio is still keen on convincing Matt Damon to return to the franchise (unsuccessfully so, as Damon is no longer willing to reprise the role of Jason Bourne).

It is worth noting that Renner has not been confirmed to return, but given that chances are good that he will be willing to reprise one of the few high profile lead roles he’s been given these days, although it’s still of course dependent on whether Renner is happy with the end result (add the fact that he’s probably going to have a busy schedule due to his Marvel commitments.)

Via: Deadline.com

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