Twilight TV Series and Spin-Off Rumored

Twilight TV Series and Spin-Off Rumored 0

Twilight TV Series and Spin-Off Rumored

It’s not surprising that Lionsgate doesn’t want an extremely lucrative franchise to go gently into the night, so the rumor that the studio is targeting a TV series or spin-off movie does have some weight to it.

The rumor came from Worst Previews’ Moviehole, in which it is stated that the plan is to keep the planned TV series or spin-off within the Twilight universe, but without involving the 3 central characters, which is understandable considering how the story ends and the fact that the actors who played Edward and Bella are not really the best of friends right now. Additionally, a spin-off actually saves Lionsgate a lot of money that would have gone to the massive paycheques being commanded by the now-famous actors who played the 3 main characters.

As for the story of the spin-off, it is said that the most logical direction is to delve more into the story of the wolf pack, but the vampire side also has other characters that would work well on their own.


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