New TV spot for Tom Cruise’s Oblivion 0

New TV spot for Tom Cruise's Oblivion

A new TV spot has been released for the upcoming sci-fi movie Oblivion, which has Tom Cruise trying to save what’s left of mankind on a post-apocalyptic version of Earth. The teaser describes the setting as Earth after it was attacked, and after the humans have won the war at the cost of destroying the planet.

In Oblivion, Cruise will be playing a workman who is attempting to harvest the last remaining nutrients from the Earth, only to uncover a terrible truth concerning humanity’s fate.

The movie seems like there’s some sort of conspiracy involved, with the “invasion” not being as clear cut as Tom Cruise’s character was lead to believe. Enter, Morpheus…I mean, Morgan Freeman, who is only too willing to help people open their eyes to the truth.