Tupac Biopic Finally Up and Running 0


A biopic about famed rapper Tupac Shakur has been in demand for quite some time now, but attempts to get one up and running have been beset by various problems, resulting in the projects being stuck in limbo. However, it seems like the project is finally getting ready to turn into reality as Variety has announced that John Singleton has been singled out to replace outgoing director Antoine Fuqua, who dropped out of the running last 2012.

John Singleton may seem to be a good fit for the project, as the director has already worked with Tupac Shakur in the past, via the film Poetic Justice back in 1993. It is said that the film will follow Tupac’s rise in popularity as a rapper, and will eventually deal with his fatal shooting after watching a boxing match in Las Vegas in 1996.

Source: Variety.com