First Trailer for Scary Movie 5 Released

First Trailer for Scary Movie 5 Released 0

First Trailer for Scary Movie 5 Released

The first official trailer for Scary Movie 5 has just been released, apparently because there’s still demand for this kind of film even though just about everybody on the Internet hates it with extreme passion.

The newest installment in the long running spoof/parody series, Scary Movie 5 focuses on a Paranormal Activity-style found footage setup. The movie features a much-publicized cameo of both Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, with the two controversial actors showing that they’re not afraid to poke some fun at their own expense:

As expected, the film is chock full of crass “person getting hit in the cratch” type of jokes, as well as pop culture spoofs (check out the Inception one at the trailer), and yes – it’s not going to be a Scary Movie if there’s no gross humor involved.

Directed by Malcolm D. Lee and co-starring Ashley Tisdale, Terry Crew and Heather Locklear, Scary Movie 5 will open in the UK on 12 April 2013.


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