New trailer for Piranha 3DD

New trailer for Piranha 3DD 0

New trailer for Piranha 3DD

No, that’s not a typographical error. The new Piranha movie is called Piranha 3DD, maybe it’s because of all the DD sized cups featured in the film, or maybe not, because it can stand for David Hasslehoff. Because The Hoff is going to be in it.

Unlike the previous movie, Piranha 3DD is going to get a cinema release in the UK, which is all well and good as the movie offers more flesh-munching mayhem, and more scantily-clad babes being all sexy and carefree, until a few moments later when they become piranha breakfast (or dinner, depending on what time of the day the flesh munching will occur.)

David Hasslehoff is a welcome sight in the film, he seems to have no qualms with poking fun at himself and his old Baywatch role:

“People are dying… do something,” shrieks one terrified swimmer. “First of all, I’m not a lifeguard,” responds the Hoff. “Secondly, that is what natural selection’s all about.”

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