First Trailer for Oblivion feat. Tom Cruise 0

First Trailer for Oblivion feat. Tom Cruise

The first official trailer for Joseph Kosinski’s sci-fi epic Oblivion has been released, and it shows Tom Cruise being tasked with the clean up of a ruined Earth, after a brutal war with an alien race has left the planet looking like a wasteland.

With a mere two weeks left before he can rejoin the rest of the survivors, Cruise is doing his best to lay low and not attract unwanted attention. However, a chance encounter with Morgan Freeman’s menacing rebel leader throws a wrench in his plans. Things get even more complicated when a beautiful woman (Olga Kurylenko) crash lands from above, with the identity of the person who shot down her craft being a mystery.

The trailer does a good job at giving a sneak peek at the impressive post-apocalyptic visuals and the thrilling action scenes, but it doesn’t do much in the way of explaining what seems like an unnecessarily complicated plot, as there’s no indication on whether the movie is a survival, a mystery, or an action story.

Co-starring Andrea Riseborough, Melissa Leo and Zoe Bell, Oblivion opens in the UK on 12 April 2013.