New Trailer for Kick-Ass 2 Features Hit-Girl 0


A new official trailer for Kick-Ass 2 has been released online, with the trailer focusing on the heroic side of things as the vigilante group Justice Forever is formed. The new trailer serves as a good counterpoint to the previous trailer, which focused on Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character and how far he has fallen, abandoning the Red Mist name in favor of the offensive “The MotherF*cker”.

The new trailer focuses exclusively on Kick-Ass, the members of Justice Forever, and returning favorite Hit-Girl. There have been some concerns over Chloe Moretz still playing Mindy McCready even though she has recently grown older than what the comic book version looked like, but it seems like the fears are unfounded as the actress can still make the role work based purely on her screen presence.

Via: MSN