Trailer: AVENGERS to Be Released on Blu Ray 0

AVENGERS Blu-Ray Trailer Debut

The recent blockbuster comic book movie The Avengers is one of the few action movies that lend itself well to repeat viewings. In fact, it’s not out of the norm to know people who managed to see it on theaters twice, or people who managed to see it in theaters twice but would still want to watch it again, but unfortunately, the theaters can only show the movie a certain times – sooner or later they’d have to take it down and devote the screen to new crap like Breaking Dawn part 2.

Those of you who own a Blu-Ray player (or a game console that can play Blu Rays, such as the PS3 and the A320 Dingoo) are in luck, as Warner Bros. and Marvel are prepping The Avengers for release on Blu Ray Combo Pack this coming September 25, 2012. With the Avengers on Blu Ray, you can watch the movie as many times as you’d like, and any time you want, anywhere that you want (except in church. I don’t think they allow people to watch movies while a mass is going on).

There’s a trailer for the Blu Ray release, in case you need a reminder of what you should be saving your money for: