Thor: The Dark World Full Length Trailer 0


The first full-length trailer for Thor: the Dark World has just been released online, which means fans that weren’t able to attend the recent San Diego Comic-Con a chance to see some of the stuff previously exclusive to the crowds in Hall H.

As part of Marvel’s Phase 2, Thor: The Dark World picks up where the Avengers left off, with the god of thunder trying to make amends with Jane Foster, who wasn’t visited by her blonde Asgardian love during the invasion of the Chitauri on New York (work first, b-words later, right?)

The trailer shows Thor taking Jane out for a tour of his homeland, where she is also shown wearing clothing that is more appropriate for the realm. If you think it’s all about romance, you’ll be wrong as Thor will have to deal with an uprising from the Dark Elves, led by Malekith (Christopher Eccleston). As the Dark Elves wreak havoc on Asgard, it is up to Thor to strike an uneasy alliance with Loki, who’s still being punished for his transgressions in The Avengers. Of course, we all know where a Thor/Loki team-up will lead. You can watch the trailer below: