New Thor: The Dark World Clip 0

Thor the Dark World

A new teaser clip for Thor: The Dark World has just been released, showing one of the more quiet moments in the film. Instead of showing off more action scenes and fists being driven straight into faces in a punchy manner, the clip shows Thor talking to his fallen brother Loki.

The clip has Thor realizing that he needs to ask help from the same person that almost brought about the end of Asgard and Midgard (from Thor and Avengers, respectively) and while Loki isn’t too keen on working with his adoptive brother again, he is also willing to set aside their old problems in order to focus on more pressing matters. It’s kind of a testament to how much of a threat Malekith is when Thor and Loki are willing to put their grudges and help each other defend Asgard.

You can check out the video below:

Thor: The Dark World will open in the UK on 30 October 2013.