Terry Crews Open to the Idea of Playing Luke Cage 0

Terry Crews Luke Cage

There are no casting announcements regarding Marvel’s upcoming Netflix shows, but if the studio is looking for an actor willing to play the part of the hardskinned African American brawler, Luke Cage, they don’t need to look further as action star-and-sometimes-comedian Terry Crews has officially announced interest in the role.

Crews’ name has been put forward by many fans when it comes to potential actors for the Luke Cage role, but the actor previously ruled himself out of the running, due to his dislike of being aggressively compared to friends in the business:

“Anything can happen,” says Crews. “All I know is scheduling and all that stuff – anything can happen. I’m open to all kinds of things, but who knows? Actually I took myself out of the Luke Cage running a while back, just because it was people trying to put people against each other.

“[It was] Idris Elba vs. Michael Jai White and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, this is not even greenlit! Can we talk to Marvel? Why are you talking to me? Don’t put me against my homeboy for a movie that’s not existing.’ I said, ‘Take me out!’

“I heard [it’s greenlit] but I haven’t gotten any calls,” continues Crews. “I’ve been hearing stuff like, ‘Oh you’re too old,’ and I’m like, ‘Man do my workout 20 years ago and we’ll talk about who’s too old.’”

Source: Collider.com