New Teaser Images from Total Recall Remake 1

A whole bunch of new teaser images has just been released for the Len Wiseman remake of the classic Schwarzenegger picture Total Recall. This time, the lead will be played by Colin Farrell, and the women will in turn be played by Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale.

Total Recall follows the story of downtrodden factory Douglas Quaid, who gets the aid of memory manufacturers Rekall for a virtual break from his mundane existence. Purchasing the rights to experience memories of a super-spy, Quaid is instead stuck in a procedure that has gone badly wrong, with his reality and fantasy becoming blurred and Quaid himself turning into a man on the run, with one of the pursuers being his actual wife.

The new teaser images try to emphasize the action, with most of them showing a bloodied Farell wearing a dirt-stained shirt and holding a gun. Beckinsale and Biel also show up, and we also get a glimpse of a spec ops team behind Biel.