New Teaser Images for The Amazing Spider-Man

New Teaser Images for The Amazing Spider-Man 0 has just released a bunch of new teaser images for Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-man movie reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man. One of the images gives us a proper look at The Lizard, or at least, his stupid grinning face.

Since this is the Internet, we’re reserving the rights to state how silly The Lizard looks, even before we get to see how he really looks like in the big screen. For all we know, he’s really much bigger and more imposing in action, with this single image capturing him in a bad, unimpressive angle. We’re just saying, if your job is to build up a movie’s characters so that people will take them seriously and you released this image, you’re not doing your job well.

We got no complaints about the other images, Rhys Ifans works well as Dr. Connors, and Emma Stone works as Gwen Stacy, even if this is the first movie we’ve seen her with blonde hair (it at least looks more appropriate than Jessica Alba’s blonde locks as Sue Richards in the FF4 movies).

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in the UK on 4 July 2012. Until then, you can check out all the new images below…

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