New Teaser Image for The Avengers

New Teaser Image for The Avengers 0

New Teaser Image for The Avengers

Personally, I never found Chris Hemsworth to be a good fit for the Thor I had in mind. Sure, the guy is tall, imposing, and has muscles that make him look legit (as far as being able to punch your face so hard that your entire family will die) but he still looks too lean to be Thor. I’m not too good with analogies, but Hemsworth is a muscle car, while the Thor I had in mind is a pickup truck (and Hulk is a freaking 18 wheeler, if you want to explore the analogy further).

But that’s water under the bridge now, I have no complaints with Hemsworth when it comes to the movie. He was able to own the role, I just brought it up because I need something to fill the space between the headline, and the new Avengers teaser image below:

New Teaser Image for The Avengers

BOOYAH! Thor and Agent Coulson looking intently at a computer monitor in SHEILD HQ. What are they looking at? is it an impending attack by an army of skrulls, or leaked nekkid photos of Scarlett Johansson? The movie’s release date is looming so you probably don’t have much time to think of the answer/Scarlett Johansson.

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