Teaser for Dredd Trailer 0

Teaser for Dredd Trailer

The first 10 seconds of the teaser trailer for Dredd has just been released (as ridiculous as it sounds, yes – it’s a teaser for a teaser) online in anticipation of the full trailer’s release tomorrow.

It’s too short to reveal anything substantial about the movie, but we have to admit that it’s kind of interesting. There’s not much to say about it that can’t be negated by a longer trailer, but Karl Urban seems to be a proper fit for the role, growling in a gruff voice while doing his “gun” thing. He’s the kind of Judge Dredd that we don’t really want to cross. There’s also a look at bullet casings, which seems to be the stars of the movie, and a few women in suggestive poses.


The full trailer will be released tomorrow and will hopefully provide a longer glimpse at the Judges. The Dredd movie on the other hand will open on September 7, 2012.