Stranger Than Fiction Writer Attached to Jumanji Remake 0

Stranger Than Fiction Writer Attached to Jumanji Remake

Jumanji seems like the kind of movie nobody wanted to get a remake, what with the franchise not really getting much in the way of fanbase despite doing well in the box office. However, Hollywood doesn’t really care about people’s expectations (most of the time), and so a bunch of execs decided to greenlight a remake last Summer. Now, they have announced the hiring of a new writer.

Columbia has hired Zach Helm, whose past credit include the poignant Will Ferrell vehicle Stranger Than Fiction, to pen the script for the remake, which is based off a hit children’s story by American author Chris Van Allsburg.

In case you’ve forgotten or weren’t born yet when it first screened: Jumanji follows a family as they discover a magical, jungle-themed board game, which apparently has the ability to introduce the perils and dangers it contains into the real world.

As for the remake’s approach, Columbia’s Doug Belgrad originally stated that their plan is to “try and reimagine Jumanji and update it for the present.”